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Repair and Maintenance Services

Complete door to door service by top quality engineers and High Quality Repairs, 90 Day post-service warranty

Filter Replacement

Engineer will inspect your Engineer will first inspect your water purifier & then recommend the right filters & RO membrane
RO replacement kit (sediment, pre carbon & post-carbon filters, RO Membrane, etc) will be charged separately

Maintence Service

Servicing includes cleaning of filters, outer body and water tank.
Replacement of Filters, RO Membrane and UV Lamp can be availed at extra cost.


Our engineer will first inspect and diagnose the water purifier and accordingly repair it.
Cost of spare parts are not covered in the repair service.


If you recently purchased a new water purifier or have moved to a new location and want to get the water purifier installed, you can book for an installation service.
Our engineer will be at your doorstep in the next few hours to install the water purifier.
Installation does not include uninstalling and installing the appliance at another location.


To uninstall the water purifier, you can book for an uninstallation service.
Our engineer will be at your doorstep in the next few hours to uninstall the water purifier.

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