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Big M Enterprises

LTD was established in 1992 and home Industrial use;Office and school water purifiers and accessories and Wholesale/Retail & water purifier installation are doing it at a low price.Whole sale / Retail customers are welcome from our WEP Site.We are committed to managing and selling our state-of-the-art water purifiers at affordable prices.We import and distribute the best and highest quality water purifiers to meet all customer needs.
Expectations to gain the trust of customers;To provide the best service according to the needs of customers and customer satisfaction is the goal of Big M(Water Store)
FuctionWill do best To more to get clean water that is important for the health of our customers and to meet the needs of customers at a reasonable price and our home appliances, School use,Office use,Industrial use,we will do our best to buy and use all kinds of water purifiers and spare parts with confidence.

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