4040 Membrane

Ultratek RO Membranes BW-4040 (E) industrial membrane water filter, capacity 2,400 GPD, is a reverse osmosis membrane filter type Thin Film Composite, made of Polyamide (PA) material with a sheet membrane tissue. Wrapped around the core, Spiral style acts as a filter for Total Dissolve Solids (TDS) from water, capacity 2,400 gallons/day, filter size 4″ x 40″, used at a pressure of 225 psi (Test Condition) Filter It has a filter capacity of 0.0001 Micron, which is approximately 500,000 times smaller than a human hair. It is the cleanest water filtration system available today. It is capable of removing more than 97% of solvents, completely removing chemicals, viruses and impurities.